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Bird Repellent Gel, Liquids and Sprays

Bird repellents come in three formats, repellent-liquid, repellent-gel and taste-aversion liquid.

Repellent liquids are best used for protecting large surface areas, such as flat roofs or irregular shaped areas such as tree limbs.

Gels are best used for protecting linear surfaces such as window ledges, cornices and ridge-lines.

Taste-aversion sprays are designed for use on vegetation* such as grass and ornamental plants. Liquids are either sprayed on to a surface using a pump sprayer or painted on using a brush or roller to create a tacky, "wet-tar" like surface, on which the birds don't like landing.

Gels are supplied in cartridges designed for use in a cartridge gun (sold separately). Gels are either applied in parallel beads or in proprietary dishes depending on the manufacturer.

*Taste Aversion Sprays are not approved for use on crops intended for human or animal consumption in the UK, always read the label before use.

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Bird Proof Bird Repellent Gel by Bird-X

From 25.18 10 oz (283g)

Bird Proof Repellent Liquid 1 US Gallon 3.8 Litres

From 81.73 Each

Ornaway Optical Bird Repellent Gel Tube Inc 15 Dishes

From 35.99 250g

Ornaway Optical Bird Repellent Gel Pre Filled Dishes

From 66.85 15 Pack

Rainwater Gutter Mounting Clips For Ornaway Bird Gel Dishes

From 9.89 15 Pack

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