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Home Digital Sonic Bird Scarers

Digital Sonic Bird Scarers

Our range of digital bird scarers from Bird-X and Scarecrow Bio-Acoustic Systems provide state-of-the art electronic bird scaring. Each system is fully weatherproof, maintenance free and highly effective.

We are the UK distributor for Bird-X Inc., all products are held in stock here in the UK for immediate dispatch.

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BirdXPeller Pro Digital 1 Channel Bird Scarer Version 1

From 403.27 Each

BirdXPeller Pro Digital 1-Channel Bird Scarer Version 2

From 403.27 Each

Super BirdXPeller Pro Digital 4-Channel Bird Scarer Version 1

From 973.84 Each

Super BirdXPeller Pro 4-Channel Digital Bird Scarer Version 2

From 973.84 Each

Broadband Pro 4-Channel Ultrasonic and Bio-Acoustic Deterrent

From 1,249.54 Each

Goose Buster Digital Canada Goose Scarer

From 1,487.89 Each

Woodpecker Pro Digital Bird Scarer

From 403.27 Each

Scarecrow 180 System - 3 Speaker Bird Scarer

From 743.40 Each

Scarecrow 360 System - 6 Speaker Bird Scarer

From 1,146.00 Each

Scarecrow B I R D 4-Speaker Bio Acoustic Bird Dispersal System

From 1,888.74 Each

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