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In this section you will find a range of Genus Electric fly killers and monitors that are designed for use in commercial food stores and meet HACCP specifications.

PestFix recommends the use of a high catch rate unit in food stores of 45 watts and above

Flying insect control is a legal requirement in all restaurants, food production and packaging plants it is also a large part of HACCP.

All units are manufactured in the UK to worldwide electrical safety standards and are available from PestFix stock on a next working day basis

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Genus Cobra Flying Insect Killer Range

From 56.33 Each

Genus Liberator Electric Kill Grid Flying Insect Killer Range

From 341.68 Each

Genus Liberator Glue Board Flying Insect Killer Range

From 326.05 Each

Genus Spectra 72W Glue Board Flying Insect Killer Range

From 299.12 Each

Insect-A-Clear Nano G72 72W Glue Board Electric Fly Killers

From 135.02 Each

Insect-A-Clear Nano H72 72W Kill-Grid

From 232.25 Each

Insect-a-clear Compact Maxi Fly Killer F18CBW and F18CSW

From 216.73 Each

Insect-A-Clear T160 Professional

From 279.12 Each

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