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A synthetic pyrethroid based on the natural counterpart found in chrysanthemum flowers but more stable and longer lasting. One of the most widely used insecticides Permethrin is a fast acting neurotoxin used against most flying and crawling insects. This active ingredient is easily degraded on soil and plants but can be effective for weeks when applied to indoor inert surfaces. Breakdown of Permethrin is accelerated by exposure to sunlight

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Digrain Control Insect Killer Surface Spray

From 9.14 600ml

Perbio Choc Ready To Use Professional Insecticide

From 12.72 Litre

Insecto Flea and Fly Bomb

From 6.35 150ml

Digrain Wasps and Hornets Nest Destroyer Spray

From 7.97 600ml


From 46.80 5 Litres

Insecto Fly and Wasp Destroyer

From 3.44 300ml

Bayer Coopex Smoke Generators

From 4.97 Each

Vulcan P5 DP Permethrin Dust by PelGar

From 38.40 4 Kg

Deadline Insectaban Liquid PSD88

From 48.86 5 Litres

Insecto Smoke Generators

From 3.13 Each

DISCONTINUED Micro 1 WK Woodworm Killer 1L Concentrate

Professional use product.
Please contact us for pricing.

Permost CS

From 53.33 500ml

Permost Uni Fly Spray - Ready To Use

From 30.00 5 Litres

Lignum Pro Woodworm Killer 1 Litre Concentrate

From 33.60 Litre

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