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Predator Decoys

Predator bird decoys are accurate replicas of birds of prey, one of the most feared predators to wild birds.

Despite sporting fearsome looking beaks, most birds of prey are "raptors" meaning that they use their talons to seize and kill their prey.

By default, raptors generally have to fly above their prey in order to dive upon them and seize them in their talons and kill them. As a result wild birds are EXTREMELY reluctant to fly beneath anything that resembles a bird of prey.

Correct positioning of decoy predator birds is essential for long term success, birds must be clearly visible to the pest birds and preferably silhouetted against the sky for added deterrent effect.

Best results are achieved when decoy birds of prey are placed at the highest point on a building or slightly above this point using a pole. This means that birds are unable to perch at any point on the building without going beneath the perceived predator into the "danger zone".

If the decoy bird is placed below the target pest bird's perch or roost the resulting deterrent effect will be disappointing. As with all things preparation is key to success.

Predator decoys that incorporate a form of movement are the most successful. The pest birds find it hard to get used to something that is constantly moving. Predator decoys are an ideal accompaniment to bio-acoustic bird scarers, adding realism and fear to the audible distress calls.

Our Coyote 3D Decoy is an excellent product to use against ground roosting and ground nesting pest birds such as geese & gulls. These birds will not linger in close proximity to this imitation ground predator.

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