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Insecticidal Gel Bait

Gel based insecticide is commonly used to control infestations of crawling insects especially ants and cockroaches. The gel contains the active ingredient and also a sweet sugary attractant to draw the target pest to the gel. The active is often micro-encapsulated such that the target pest will carry the bait back to the nest and feed it to the queen, killing both her and the whole colony.

Gel baits are presented in either 30g or 35g syringes designed for use with a gel bait application gun allowing the user to dispense accurately controlled bait points without spillage.

Gel bait canteens are commonly used both indoors and outdoors to present the bait to the target pest whilst prolonging its active life by protecting it from dust and moisture. The gel canteen has an opening in its top that is designed to accept the nozzle of a bait syringe, making dispensing of the sticky bait both clean and efficient.

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Addict Cockroach Gel 30g Syringe

From £45.64 30g

Goliath Gel Cockroach Treatment by BASF 35g Syringe

From £55.20 35g

Imidasect Cockroach Gel

From £19.98 35g

Imidasect ANTS - Ant Gel 35g

From £16.74 Each

Professional BG Multi-Dose Bait Gun 3000

From £122.30 Each

Standard Gel Bait Application Gun

From £30.98 Each

Insecticide Gel Canteen

From £1.09 Each

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