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Rat Bait Stations

Rat Bait Stations must be used in any situation where there is a risk of poisoning on-target species. Rat bait stations are used to contain rodenticide in a tamper proof enclosure. Rat bait stations can be used to contain grain, paste and block bait formulations.

Rat bait stations have many benefits:

Rodents feel safe and secure inside the bait station meaning that they will feed on rodenticide for longer periods.

In outdoor situations rat bait stations protect the rodenticide from the worst of the weather, prolonging the service life of the rodenticide and reducing costs.

Containing rodenticide in a bait station reduces the risk of spillage and hence reduces the risk of poisoning non-target species.

Most rat bait stations are built to be tamper-proof, especially outdoor units, meaning that they are resistant to vandalism, inquisitive children and non target animals.

Rat bait stations allow the user to monitor rodenticide consumption easily as the bait can easily be checked visually.

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Lodi Beta Rat Bait Station - Polypropylene

From 7.07 Each

ROMAX Standard Rat Bait Box

From 10.74 Each

ROMAX Secure Rodenticide Rat Bait Box

From 14.46 Each

Quicklock Durabait Plastic Rat Bait Station

From 1.27 Each

Bell Labs Protecta LANDSCAPE Bait Box

From 22.56 Each

The Big Cheese Strongbox Rat Bait Station

From 20.42 Each

Quicklock Ultra Steel Rat Bait Station

From 2.56 Each

Ultrabait Vandal Resistant Steel Bait Stations

From 2.51 Each

ROMAX Rat Bait Tube

From 11.78 Each

Lodi Rodenticide Bait Tray - Indoor Use Only

From 3.40 10 Pack


From 12.00 Each

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