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Home Replacement UVa Tubes and Bulbs

Replacement UVa Tubes and Bulbs

A complete range of Electrosect replacement ultraviolet light tubes and bulbs for the Genus range of flying insect light traps and electric fly killers.

All UVa tubes and bulbs manufactured by Electrosect are RoHS compliant and CE marked

UVa lamps contain mercury and should not be disposed of in general waste.

Click here for advice on the safe disposal of UVa tubes and lamps

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Electrosect LUV015-000 Wemlite LS10WX-W 15W 18 Inch Straight UVA Standard Tube

From 3.62 Each

Electrosect LUV015-003002 - Wemlite LS15WS-W 15W 18 Inch Straight UVA Safety Tube

From 3.70 Each

26w Illume F26DBX UVa Replacement Bulb

From 21.73 Each

Electrosect LUV036-000 Wemlite LL36WX-W 36W Lynx 4 Pin Standard UVA Lamp

From 22.94 Each

Electrosect LUV036-000 - Wemlite LL36WS-W 36W Lynx 4 Pin Safety UVA Lamp

From 26.45 Each

GE Biax F9BX BL - Philips LL09WX-P 9W Lynx 2 Pin UVA Standard Lamp

From 26.78 Each

Electrosect LUV015-200 - Wemlite LS14WX-W 15w 12 inch Straight UVA Standard Lamp

From 7.38 Each

Electrosect LUV015-202 - Wemlite LS14WS-W 15w 12 Inch Straight UVA Safety Lamp

From 11.18 Each

Wemlite LC22WX-W 22W 8 Inch Circline UVA Standard Lamp

From 4.66 Each

Wemlite LC22WS-W 22W 8 Inch Circline UVA Safety Lamp

From 9.80 Each

Standard BL368 Lamps Bulbs

From 3.62 Each

Sleeved Shatter Resistant BL368 Safety Lamps Bulbs

From 3.70 Each

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