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Rodent Tracking

Rodent tracking is becoming an increasingly important tool in the professional pest controller's arsenal against rodent infestations.

With the advent of the "35-day rule" banning the use of permanent baiting programmes in the UK, in an effort to reduce the risks of secondary poisoning of non-target species, and to limit the spread of rodenticide resistance in rats, rodent tracking plays an important part in today's rodent control programs.

Rodent tracking products, in the form of either fluorescing dust or bait blocks, can be placed in bait stations, known rat runs or points of entry to a building to help prove or disprove a suspected rodent infestation.

Both bait blocks and fluorescing dust require an ultraviolet light source to identify the extent of the problem.

Introduce rodent tracking products to suspected infestation areas. When an infestation is detected simply bring in either rodeticide of traps or both to deal with the problem.

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Fluorescent Rodent Tracking Dust

From £41.08 250g

Ultraviolet Black Light Tracking Torch

From £10.79 Each

Bell Labs DETEX BLOX With Lumitrack

From £33.42 4 Kg

Deadline® Non-Tox Indicator Paste 300g Tube PSD90

From £5.51 Each

UV Blocks Rodent Monitoring Blocks with UV Tracker

From £35.56 4 Kg

UV Paste Rodent Monitoring Paste Sachets With UV Tracker

From £35.56 4 Kg

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