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Seagull Spikes

Seagull Spikes

Seagull anti-perch spikes are used to protect linear problem areas from perching and roosting seagulls; including ridge tiles, parapet walls, chimneystacks and ledges. The spikes are 150mm tall, which is just enough to make them longer than a Herring Gull's leg, making it impossible for the bird to land in between the spikes without being affected by the spikes.

We supply seagull spikes manufactured in the UK from durable grade 304 stainless steel for a low-profile and long-lasting finish. Spikes can be used to proof low-medium pressure areas. Grade 316 stainless steel spikes are also available to special order.

We also supply a range of specialist fixings and brackets that allow you to mount seagull spikes to casement window frames, rainwater gutters and pipe work.

Seagull Spike Kits

Seagull Spike Fixings

Spike Installation Tools

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Seagull Spikes Stainless Steel By Bird-X Per Metre

From 5.04 Metre

Triangular Ridge Seagull Spikes By Defender

From 8.36 Metre

Seagull Spikes in Stainless Steel 5 Metre Kit FREE Adhesive

From 32.75 Each

Seagull Spikes Gutter Kit

From 8.23 Each

Seagull Spike Window Kit

From 43.64 Each

Seagull Spikes Pipe Kit

From 5.94 Each

Silicone Adhesive 300ml Soudal Silirub N Clear

From 2.92 300ml

Fix All Crystal Super Clear SMX Hybrid Polymer Adhesive - Soudal

From 8.38 290ml

Fix All Turbo Super Fast SMX Hybrid Polymer Adhesive - White - Soudal

From 13.15 290ml

Surface Activator 500ml

From 17.42 500ml

Surface Cleaner 500ml

From 7.55 500ml

Bird Spike Installation Kit

From 10.80 Each

Wire Brush

From 2.04 Each

Metal Scraper

From 2.95 Each

Caulking Gun

From 3.84 Each

Disposable Priming Glue Brush

From 94p Each


Seagull Spike Kits (5)

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Seagull Spike Fixings (11)

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Spike Installation Tools (8)

At PestFix we stock a wide range of tools for installing bird spikes. Including Gloves, Scrapers, Brushes and Caulking Guns

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