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At PestFix we hold stock of a full range of starling control products available for Next Day Delivery including Starling Spikes, Starling Netting and Starling Scarers

For advice on Starling problems please visit our Common Problem Areas Section or call our sales team on 01903 538 488.

For Technical Information and Installation Guides please visit our Resource Centre.

Starling Spikes

Starling Netting

Agrilaser Bird Dispersal Systems

Starling Scarers

Cleaning and Disposal

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Starling and Sparrow Spikes Stainless Steel. Per 600mm Strip

From £27.06 Each

28mm Starling Netting Kit Complete For Masonry 5m x 5m

From £105.56 Each

(USE AD010) BirdXPeller Pro Digital 1-Channel Bird Scarer V1

From £403.27 Each

Balcony Guard Ultrasonic Bird Deterrent

From £88.79 Each


Starling Spikes (7)

Starling anti-perch spikes are used to protect problem areas from perching and roosting pest starlings. The spikes can be mounted in rainwater gutters, on ledges, sill and parapets.

Starling Spikes can either be glued or screwed into position. We recommend the use of our Silicone Spike Adhesives.

We supply starling spikes in 2-foot long sections (610mm). Our starling spikes are manufactured in durable grade 304 stainless steel for a long-lasting finish.

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Starling Netting (3)

Show All Starling Netting »

Starling Netting 28mm Black

From 116p Sq Mtr

Starling Netting 28mm Stone

From 116p Sq Mtr

Starling Netting 28mm Translucent

From 116p Sq Mtr

Agrilaser Bird Dispersal Systems (5)

Show All Agrilaser Bird Dispersal Systems »

Starling Scarers (4)

Show All Starling Scarers »

BirdXPeller Pro Digital 1 Channel Bird Scarer Version 1

From £403.28 Each

Super BirdXPeller Pro Digital 4-Channel Bird Scarer Version 1

From £973.84 Each

Broadband Pro 4-Channel Ultrasonic and Bio-Acoustic Deterrent

From £1,249.54 Each

Scarecrow Patrol Two

From £926.10 Each

Cleaning and Disposal (28)

Bird droppings are a perennial problem to anybody suffering from a pest bird infestation. With this come the inherent health and safety risks associated with human contact with bird droppings, including slip hazards, respiratory disorders and disease transfer.

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Digrain Disinfectant Concentrates

From £22.38 5 Litres

PX Ornikill Avian Disinfectant Concentrate

From £23.06 Litre

Disposable Dupont CHF5 Tyvek Classic Hooded Suits

From £7.53 Each

Marine Bird Muck Remover

From £8.94 500ml

Guanaway Avian Disinfectant Cleaner

From £12.81 750ml

O Dose Odour Neutraliser (makes 250 litres)

From £56.69 50 Pack

Deadline® De-Odourising 24.5g Sachets By Rentokil

From £47.99 10 Pack

Guano Removal Tool Kit

From £32.05 Each

PPE Kit Standard - One Person Kit

From £11.18 Each

PPE Kit Professional - One Person Kit

From £38.48 Each

Tyvek Overshoes - Pair

From £2.06 Pair


From £1.61 Each

Respair E Disposable P3 Valved Face Mask

From £4.10 Each

Scott Safety Promask Full Face Respirator (Filters Extra)

From £174.67 Each

Scott Profile 2 Half Face Respirator (Filters Extra)

From £18.12 Each

Scott Pro 2 Respirator Filters

From £10.78 Each

Nitrile Powder Free Disposable Gloves

From 71p 10 Pack

Nitrile Gauntlets

From £2.77 Pair

Heavy Duty Riggers Gloves

From £2.15 Each

Nitrile Coated Work Gloves

From £3.23 Pair

Metal Scraper

From £2.95 Each

Wire Brush

From £2.04 Each

Metal Shovel

From £3.85 Each

Soft Brush

From £1.91 Each

Heavy Gauge Polythene Waste Sack - Pack of 10

From £5.68 Each

Cable Ties 200mm

From 60p 10 Pack

Gorilla Industrial Antibacterial Wipes

From £8.94 80 Pack

Jeyes Fluid Defra Approved For Bird Flu

From £3.71 300ml

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