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Wasps and Hornets

Wasps can be a nuisance during warmer weather in the spring and summer months. They have a potent sting and can attack in large numbers if disturbed or threatened. They sting to defend their nests and if they do sting humans or animals, it is usually due to the fact that they have been disturbed in some way.

For more information about wasps read our PestFix Wasps Guide

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Insecto Fly and Wasp Destroyer

From 3.44 300ml

Digrain Control Insect Killer Surface Spray

From 9.14 600ml

Digrain Wasps and Hornets Nest Destroyer Spray

From 7.97 600ml

Rentokil Wasp Nest Destroyer Foam - BEST SELLER

From 4.15 300ml

WaspBane High Efficiency Wasp Trap - Complete

From 21.34 Each

WaspBane Replacement Bait Chamber

From 15.48 Each

Wasp Pro Wasp Trap With 1 X 250ml Lure - BEST SELLER

From 6.54 Each

Wasp Pro Trap Without Lure

From 3.29 Each

Wasp Pro Wasp and Fly Lure 250ml

From 3.25 250ml

Trappit Liquid Wasp Bait Lure

From 16.45 Litre

Bayer Ficam D Bendiocarb Insecticide Powder

From 41.29 3 Kg

Birchmeier DR5 Professional Hand Pump Powder Duster

From 150.00 Each

Birchmeier Bobby Mini Powder Duster

From 24.00 Each

Digrain Insectaclear C Surface Spray Wasp Killer

From 13.51 Litre

Bayer Ficam W Bendiocarb Wettable Powder Insecticide

From 73.80 10 Pack

Mostyn DTP15 ULV Microgen

From 58.62 Litre

Mostyn DTP 15 Coex

From 49.37 Litre

Phobi F and F One Shot Wasp and Hornet Killer

From 12.10 300ml

Oa2ki Pesticide Free Organic Insect Trigger Spray 500ML

From 7.30 Each

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