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The products sold by PestFix are for treatment of the built environment i.e. homes, offices, schools, hotels etc. However, the infestation is most often caused by animals transferring fleas in to the environment affected, acting as a host. Treatment of the host is essential for successful control and veterinary advice should be sought for animal treatments not available through PestFix.

Since more than three-quarters of a flea's life is spent somewhere other than on the host animal, it is not adequate to treat only the host; it is important also to treat the host's environment. To start with thorough vacuuming, washing linens in hot water, and treating all hosts in the immediate environment (the entire household, for example) are essential and if possible must be performed on a regular basis. Following which the application of both a knock-down and also a residual action insecticide are essential to gain full control.

All PestFix flea-control products are recommended to be used at least half-yearly because the lifecycle of flea and tick can last to up to 6 months. Although all these products are effective in fighting against flea and tick infestations, they have different active ingredients and, because cats cannot metabolize some of the compounds of the product, care must be taken in their use. We recommend the use of organic products where possible

Home Treatment

A three pronged, integrated approach is necessary :

Combatting a flea infestation in the home takes patience because for every flea found on an animal, many more could be developing in the home. A spot-on insecticide will kill the fleas on the pet and in turn the pet itself will be a roving flea trap and mop up newly hatched fleas. The home environment should be treated with a fogger or spray space treatment to kill the adult fleas, following which a surface treatment insecticide containing an insect growth regulator, such as pyriproxyfen or methoprene to kill eggs and pupae, which are quite resistant against insecticides, should also be applied.

Frequent vacuuming is also helpful and can kill up to 96% of all adult fleas. The vacuum must be used around everything the animal frequents, to pick up all the larvae and eggs.

Bathing can dramatically reduce the flea population on a badly infested animal, especially when in combination with a mild detergent or shampoo, and brushing or combing.

Fleas cannot withstand high temperatures, so a turn through the dryer on medium or high will kill the fleas.

To collect & destroy living fleas from a room or space without the use of chemicals, eliminate lighting as much as possible while focusing a single source of light just above the floor and directing the light downward. This is best done at night or by covering windows. Our Gotcha Flea Trap (IT001) is ideal for this use.

Lower temperatures slow down or completely interrupt the flea lifecycle. Fleas thrive at higher temperatures, but need 21° to 32°C (70 to 90°F) to survive

15 Products

Digrain Insectaclear C Flea Killer Surface Spray

From £13.81 per Litre inc. vat
£11.51 ex. vat

Insectaclear STRONG for Mattresses Carpets and Bedding

From £14.63 per Litre inc. vat
£12.19 ex. vat

Oa2ki Organic Diatomaceous Earth Flea Powder

From £14.48 per 400g inc. vat
£12.07 ex. vat

Oa2ki Pesticide Free Organic Flea Trigger Spray

From £9.08 Each inc. vat
£7.57 ex. vat

Organ-X Desi-Dust (Diatomaceous Earth) Insect Killing Powder

From £6.58 per 500g inc. vat
£5.48 ex. vat

Insecto Flea and Fly Bomb

From £6.55 per 150ml inc. vat
£5.46 ex. vat

Bayer Ficam D Bendiocarb Insecticide Powder

From £42.96 per 3 Kg inc. vat
£35.80 ex. vat

Bayer Ficam W Bendiocarb Wettable Powder Insecticide

From £81.70 per 10 Pack inc. vat
£68.08 ex. vat

Digrain AC

From £119.28 per Litre inc. vat
£99.40 ex. vat

Phobi F and F One Shot Flea Killer Aerosol Fogger

From £13.74 per 300ml inc. vat
£11.45 ex. vat

Digrain Control - Flea Killer - Surface Spray

From £11.23 per 600ml inc. vat
£9.36 ex. vat

Perbio Choc Ready To Use Professional Insecticide

From £12.89 per Litre inc. vat
£10.74 ex. vat

Alphaban Super - Cypermethrin Tetramethrin Piperonyl Butoxide

From £97.51 per 500ml inc. vat
£81.26 ex. vat

Digrain Force EW

From £46.97 per 250ml inc. vat
£39.14 ex. vat

Digrain C40 WP

From £55.19 per 15 Pack inc. vat
£45.99 ex. vat

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