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Flying Insect Traps

PestFix stocks a range of highly effective, easy to use flying insect traps. These attract the target insect using a pheromone attractant, the insect enters the trap and dies. Flying insect traps are used to control flying insect infestations as opposed to insect monitors which are used to monitor the success of an insect control programme, insect monitors are listed in a separate section.

Wasp Traps

Fly Traps

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WaspBane High Efficiency Wasp Trap - Complete

From 21.34 Each

WaspBane Replacement Bait Chamber

From 15.48 Each

Wasp Pro Wasp Trap With 1 X 250ml Lure - BEST SELLER

From 6.54 Each

Wasp Pro Wasp and Fly Lure 250ml

From 3.25 250ml

Trappit Liquid Wasp Bait Lure

From 16.45 Litre

Maxifly Fly Trap Including 2 x Maxifly Bait and 2 x Maxidry Sachets

From 17.17 Each

Trappit Fly Bag by Agrisense

From 3.79 Each

Red Top Fly Trap - Fly Catcher

From 8.76 Each

Rentokil Advanced Fly Trap Window Sticker - 4 pack

From 3.74 4 Pack

Zero-In Fly Paper - 8 Pack

From 3.73 Each

Rentokil Advanced Fly Trap Window Sticker - 4 pack

From 3.74 4 Pack

Rentokil Fly Killer Cassette

From 5.62 Each

DISCONTINUED Electric Flea Trap

From 20.40 Each

Rentokil Clothes Moth Glue Trap

From 3.56 Each

Rentokil Clothes Moth Glue Trap Refills Twin Pack

From 3.58 2 Pack

Clothes Moth Trap Black Stripe Delta by Trappit - 10 Pack

From 45.64 10 Pack


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