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The common black ant is a temperate species, usually nesting in gardens, under paving slabs, in foundations or occasionally within buildings.

Nests can survive for many years, with new nests being started by young queen ants which leave the nest as flying ants each year.

Ant control is usually only necessary when foraging worker ants become a nuisance within a building looking for sweet food substances

Control can be achieved by proofing entry points with sealants. Residual sprays, dusts and aerosols can be used to kill or deter the entry of ants.

Professional gels and powders can be used to treat outdoor nests if necessary

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Rentokil Ant Killer Gel - Twin Pack

From 3.22 2 Pack

Rentokil Insectrol Crawling Insect Killer

From 4.50 250ml

Digrain Insectaclear C Surface Spray Ant Killer

From 13.51 Litre

Digrain Control - Ant Killer - Surface Spray

From 12.95 600ml

Insectaclear STRONG for Mattresses Carpets and Bedding

From 14.28 Litre

Oa2ki Pesticide Free Organic Ant Trigger Spray

From 7.26 Each

Oa2ki Organic Diatomaceous Earth Insect Powder

From 13.00 400g

Oa2ki Aerosol Diatomaceous Earth Organic Insect Powder

From 11.70 500ml

Phobi F and F One Shot Ant Killer Aerosol Fogger

From 12.10 300ml

Imidasect ANTS - Ant Gel 35g

From 16.74 Each

Bayer Ficam D Bendiocarb Insecticide Powder

From 41.29 3 Kg

Bayer Ficam W Bendiocarb Wettable Powder Insecticide

From 73.80 10 Pack

Digrain AC

From 117.74 Litre

Deltasect Deltamethrin SC

From 24.76 500ml

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