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Rat and Mouse Poison


Rat poison is commonly referred to as either a biocide or rodenticide in professional circles, it is available in various quantities and formulae, according to the size, location and nature of your rat or mouse infestation.

Rats usually feed once a day and take around 30g of rat poison each. Mice usually consume about 5g per day.

Some of our rodenticides can be used to poison both rats and mice, especially our grain, wheat and pasta-based rodenticides. Other products are specific to either rats OR mice. All rodenticidess should only be used as prescribed on the manufacturer's label. Each product listing on this website will clearly tell you what the product is licensed for use against; rats, mice or both.

If you suspect you have a large number of rats or mice you should buy at least 1Kg of rat poison and keep the poison in place, topping it up continuously, until you no longer see any take and for 30 days afterwards.

Amateur Use or Professional Use?

Different rodenticide products are licensed for use by different people.

Amateur use rodenticides are licensed for use by the homeowner, DIY enthusiast or any non-qualifed person wishing to use rodenticide. These are the ONLY rodenticides available for sale via this website.The maximum permissible sales unit that an amateur user may purchase is 300g, above which the product is considered to be professional-use-only, under the current EU Biocides Regulation 528/2012 (EU BPR). Multiple amateur use products may be purchased for larger amateur use requirements, such as rat infestations.

Professional use rodenticides are to be purchased and used only by persons holding certification demonstrating compliance with UK rodenticide regime requirements. Information on the PestFix range of professional-use-only rodenticide products is available on this website. However, the products themselves must be purchased via our sales team by pre-registered professional usersonly. To register with PestFix and/or make a professional use purchase please call our sales team on +44 (0)1903 538 488.

Indoor or outdoor use?

Before making your purchase please consider where you will be using your chosen rodenticide. Different products are licensed for use in different areas. Some for use indoors, some outdoors and some for both. Outdoor-use rodenticides will state specifically on the manufacturer's product label where the product can and can't be used outdoors, i.e. adjacent to building, on waste sites etc. It is the responsibility of the end user to comply with the statutory regulation for use as stated on the product label. If in doubt please call our RSPH Level 2 qualified sales support team for advice before making your purchase.

Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use. Only use biocides in accordance with the manufacturers’ instructions, which are printed clearly on the product label. Store in the original sealed container away from children and pets. Keep the label in a safe place, your doctor or vet will find it useful if rat poison is accidentally consumed. If you think your pet has eaten rat poison, take it to the vet, within an hour if possible.

PestFix is a registered CRRU supporter. As a distributor of many forms of professional and amateur use rodenticide, PestFix actively supports and promotes the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use to its customer base.

The CRRU aims to protect wildlife while promoting and providing effective rodent control through the responsible use of rodenticides.

For further details on CRRU visit

We ask that ALL of our customers, whether you are an amateur user or professional user to follow the CRRU Code at ALL times

Rodenticide Guide

Guide to using rodenticides

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Active Ingredients

Information about the active ingredients in rodenticide

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Material Safety Datasheets

View and download material safety datasheets for our products

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Trade Customers

Enquire about our trade accounts

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61 Products

Rentokil Rat and Mouse Weatherproof Blocks

From £9.83 per 10 Pack inc. vat
£8.19 ex. vat

Rentokil Rodine Rat and Mouse Killer Grain Bait Sachets

From £7.50 per 6 Pack inc. vat
£6.25 ex. vat

Rentokil Mouse Killer Indoor Bait Box - Twin Pack

From £11.57 Each inc. vat
£9.64 ex. vat

Rentokil Prebaited Fast Action Mouse Killer Bait Station

From £9.20 per 2 Pack inc. vat
£7.67 ex. vat

Rentokil Mouse and Rat Killer Pasta Bait

From £8.98 per 10 Pack inc. vat
£7.48 ex. vat

ROMAX D Block Bait

Professional use only

ROMAX DP Pasta Sachets

Professional use only

ROMAX Venom Wheat Brodifacoum

Professional use only

Storm Secure Flocoumafen Blocks

Professional use only

Rentokil Rat Killer Outdoor Bait Box - Pre-Baited

From £13.03 Each inc. vat
£10.86 ex. vat

Rentokil Ant Killer Gel - Twin Pack

From £4.16 per 2 Pack inc. vat
£3.47 ex. vat

Rentokil Fly Killer Cassette

From £7.31 Each inc. vat
£6.09 ex. vat

Rentokil Advanced Fly Trap Window Sticker - 4 pack

From £3.90 per 4 Pack inc. vat
£3.25 ex. vat

Rentokil Wasp Nest Destroyer Foam - BEST SELLER

From £5.33 per 300ml inc. vat
£4.44 ex. vat

Rentokil Insectrol Crawling Insect Killer

From £5.86 per 250ml inc. vat
£4.88 ex. vat

Rentokil Clothes Moth Glue Trap

From £4.02 Each inc. vat
£3.35 ex. vat

Deadline® De-Odourising 24.5g Sachets By Rentokil

From £67.45 per 10 Pack inc. vat
£56.21 ex. vat

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