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Bird Netting Technical Specification

Download a copy of our Bird Netting Technical Specification


Netting, when installed correctly provides total exclusion of all pest birds.

The netting PestFix supplies is strong and versatile and will last in excess of 10 years in average UK sunlight conditions. Constructed from 12/6 UV stabilized twine, which is 0.30mm thick. It has a breaking strength of 14kg.

The twine is very thin and because it is available in black, stone and translucent, the net colour can be chosen to blend into the background, so that it is practically invisible.


For a successful Installation you will require a variety of fixtures and fittings, which may require an experienced installer to fit.


Netting can be used to prevent access to any bird in or on any architectural structure. The net can be installed horizontally, vertically or in any direction required to achieve the desired effect.

AI – Assembly, Instructions

The netting is available next day in stock sizes of:

5m x 5m, 5m x 10m, 5m x 15m, 5m x 20m, 5m x 25m, 10m x 10m, 10m x 15m, 10m x 20m, 10m x 25m, 15m x 15m, 15m x 20m, 15m x 25m, 20m x 20m, 20m x 25m, 25m x 25m

We can however cut any net to any size you require within 5 working days.

There are kits available to make ordering easy, with everything required for installing the net. Fixings will depend on which substrate you are fixing the netting to, masonry, timber, sheet metal and structural steel work all require different fixings.

For detailed installation guidelines please refer to our instruction manual, which can be downloaded on any of the websites listed at the top of the page.


PestFix supplies two ranges of fixings, Budget range which is made from galvanized steel, and Professional which is made from stainless steel. We recommend the use of galvanized fixings indoors and stainless fixings outdoors.


PestFix’s staff are all fully trained and are available Mon- Friday 9am – 6pm to provide full telephone support.





Material: HDPE Ultra Violet stabilized twine.

Construction: 630 denier (0.30mm thick) monofilament HDPE which is then twisted x 2, then x 3 to make the finished twine approximately 1mm in diameter, with a 12/6 construction.

Breaking Strength: 14kg to ISO1805


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