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Bird Shock Flex Track Technical Specification

Download a copy of our Bird Shock Flex Track Technical Specification


Bird Barrier America, Inc. manufactures Bird-Shock® Flex-Track®. It features high-grade stainless steel flat braid-strips which are sewn onto a flexible, ultra-violet stabilized PVC plastic. The tracks are offered in 15m lengths, and three colors: 1. Black, 2. Beige, 3. Grey. The stainless steel braid is sewn to the PVC using "Tenara", a lifetime-warrantied expanded polytetrafluorcethylene (PTFE) thread.

A solar or mains powered charge unit supplies the track with an intermittent pulse of high voltage, low amperage electricity. The pulse of electricity does not harm the bird; it simply conditions them not to return to that area. Heavily insulated, copper lead-out wire delivers the intermittent charge from the charge unit to the tracks.


Bird-Shock® Flex-Track® electrified bird deterrent system is effective against all species of birds to deter them from perching, roosting and nesting on ledges at all pressure levels. Bird-Shock® Flex-Track® is recommended for high-pressure situations (where birds are roosting or nesting generally).

The track is glued to the surface and is connected together using crimp-connectors. Tracks are installed on the leading edges of a ledge, or appropriately where determined necessary by the installer; based on bird species and bird pressure.

The solar charged energiser units need to face due South, so that they receives at least two hours of direct sun light a day. The mains AC 100-240 volt charger needs to be out of the weather, an electrician maybe needed to install a junction box for this purpose.

Workers and unsuspecting persons should be made aware that there is an electrified bird deterrent system in place so they are not caught off guard and terrified by touching the track system. Warning labels should be placed near the track in areas where people will possibly have contact with the track.


The Bird Shock® Flex Track® system provides a very effective and discreet way of deterring birds from perching, roosting and nesting using harmless pulses of electricity.

Easy to install using PestFix’s professional silicone adhesive Silirub® N (BS327) or FixAll® High Tack® SMX® Polymer Adhesive (BS329). Can be installed on straight & curved ledges as well as signs and curved shapes.


Not suitable for areas where personnel or public can come into contact with the system.


Bird Shock® Flex Track® can be used to control a wide variety of architectural bird problems caused by all species of Birds.

A professional system that can be installed in multiple rows with either mains or solar power. The flexibility of the flex track means that you can have one system cover a whole area with a variety of ledge sizes and bends.

Used for protecting ledges, beams, pipes, signs, ridges, parapets etc.

Can be used in light, medium and heavy pressure areas.

AI – Assembly, Instructions

Bird Shock® Flex Track® is supplied in 15m rolls and is installed in conjunction with a variety of quick connectors.

The Flex Track® should be glued down on a clean surface and the charger unit should be positioned to as near the starting point of the track as possible.

For detailed installation guidelines please refer to our installation guide


Flex Track®
PestFix product codes: BT001-G (grey), BT001-B (black), BT001-S (stone)
Material: Ultra-violet stabilized PVC in black, grey or stone with braided stainless steel conductor strips.
Width: 38mm
Height: 6mm
Length: 15m

Flex Track® Quick Connectors
Product Codes: BT002 (Straight), BT003 (Corner), BT009 (T-Junction)
Material: UV Stabilised Plastic
Colours: Black only
Variants: Straight, 90 degree Corner & T-Junction

12 Volt DC Solar Charged Energiser – Small
PestFix product code - BT004
Range: 150m
Input Voltage: 12Vdc
Output Voltage (max): 8.6kV +/- 10%
Output Pulse Width at 500 Ohms: 25uS
Output at 500 Ohms: 4.0kV, 0.14J
Dimensions: 20cm x 26cm x 10cm

12 Volt DC Solar Charged Energiser – Large
PestFix product code - BT013
Range: 300m
Input Voltage: 12Vdc
Output Voltage (max): 8.6kV (+/-) 10%
Output Pulse Width at 500Ohms: 25uS
Output at 500 Ohms: 5.4kV, 0.33J
Dimensions: 20cm x 26cm x 10cm

Bird Shock 100-240 Volt AC Mains Energiser – Small
PestFix product code - BT014
Range: 150m
Input 12v 50mA
Stored Energy: 0.8 Joule
Output Energy: 0.45Joule
Max Voltage: 7500v
Volts at 500 Ohm: 4000v

Bird Shock 100-240 Volt AC Mains Energiser - Large
PestFix product code - BT015
Range: 500m
Input 12v 50mA
Stored Energy: 2.4 Joule
Output Energy: 1.2 Joule
Max Voltage: 8400v
Volts at 500 Ohm: 4800v

Lead-out Wire
PestFix product codes: BTO11-G (grey), BT011-B (black), BT011-S (beige)
Material: Heavy insulated 14 double gauge copper (+) wire
Diameter: 6mm
Length: 16m
Colours: Grey, Black & Beige


A manufacturer’s warranty is offered, subject to the system being installed by an approved installer, in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, using products only supplied and manufactured by Bird Barrier America Inc. Flex Track® 5-Years

Flex Track® Quick Connectors 5-Years
Bird Shock® Energiser Units 2-Years
Bird Shock® Solar Energiser Batteries 1-Year


PestFix’s staff are all fully trained and are available Mon-Friday 8am – 6pm to provide full telephone support. Onsite technical consultancy is available by appointment and may be chargeable.




1.1.1 Install Bird Shock® Flex Track® on exposed or protected ledges or signs where birds roost, nest, perch or simply cause a nuisance.


1.2.1 Obtain technical literature from supplier, telephone consultation and plan/photograph evaluation.

1.2.2 Utilize PestFix approved installers, (call for details) or other certified installation companies in your area who carry the proper insurance coverage.


1.3.1 Submit manufacturer’s samples and other descriptive material.


1.4.1 Protect Bird Shock® Flex Track® from damage before, during and after installation.

1.4.2 If damage occurs to the Bird Shock® Flex Track®, disconnect from power source and make all replacements immediately.


2.1.1 Flex Track® - Black (BT001-B) Grey (BT001-G) Stone (BT001-S)

2.1.2 Flex Track® Quick Connector - Straight (BT002)

2.1.3 Flex Track® Quick Connector - 90o Corner (BT003)

2.1.4 Flex Track® Quick Connector - T-Junction (BT009)

2.1.5 Bird Shock® 12V DC Solar Charged Energiser - Small (BT004)

2.1.6 Bird Shock® 12V DC Solar Charged Energiser - Large (BT013)

2.1.7 Bird Shock® 100-240V Mains Energiser - Small (BT014)

2.1.8 Bird Shock® 100-240V Mains Energiser – Large (BT015)

2.1.9 Bird Shock® Female Spade Connectors (BT006)

2.1.10 Bird Shock® Male Spade Connectors (BT022)

2.1.11 Bird Shock® Piggyback Spade Connectors (BT024)

2.1.12 Bird Shock® Female T-Snap Connectors (BT016)

2.1.13 Bird Shock® Warning Labels (BT008)

2.1.14 Bird Shock® Lead Out Wire Clips (BT012)

2.1.15 Bird Shock® Ring Terminals (BT010)

2.1.16 Bird Shock® Lead Out Wire: Black (BT0011-B) Grey (BT0011-G) Stone (BT0011-S)


2.2.1 Flex Track® Cutting Tool (BT007)

2.2.2 Bird Shock® Crimping Tool (BT018)

2.2.3 Bird Shock® Wire Stripping Tool (BT019)

2.2.4 Bird Shock® Digital Voltage Tester (BT017)


2.3.1 PestFix’s Silirub N Silicone Adhesive (BS327) or Fix All High Tack SMX Polymer Adhesive (BS329), for metal, stone, concrete, wood or plastic surfaces.



3.1.1 Examine installation area. Notify architect of detrimental work conditions.

3.1.2 Do not proceed until conditions are corrected.


3.2.1 Ledges and mounting surfaces shall be cleaned with surface cleaner, or primed using surface activator. The surface should be dry and free of peeling paint, rust, bird droppings or other debris. Bird dropping shall be removed in a safe manner.

3.2.2 Remove or repair articles that may damage the bird shock flex track system after installation, such as tree limbs and loose parts of the building.


3.3.1 Install Bird Shock® Flex Track® as recommended in the installation instructions, which can be downloaded from Use PestFix’s Silicone Adhesive on surfaces. Apply a generous bead of adhesive along the entire base of the strip and apply to the surface to be protected.

3.3.2 Ensure correct spacing and number of rows is used depending on bird species and bird pressure.

3.3.3 The track should be installed next to the leading edge of the ledge. It should also extend to each corner of a ledge.

3.3.4 On areas that aren’t straight, follow the curvature of the architecture to ensure the maximum effect of the Bird Shock Flex Track System. Straight connectors can be cut as per the installation instructions to aid with curving the flex track.

3.3.5 Create jumps between rows straight connectors to power multiple rows of track with one power unit.


3.4.1 Visually inspect the flex track for poor adherence to mounting surfaces, or other problems related to poor installation or surface preparation.

3.4.2 Repair as necessary, immediately, ensuring power is not yet connected.

3.4.3 Use a Voltage Tester to ensure all parts of the flex track system are connected without breaks.


If the Bird Shock® Flex Track® system is installed by either PestFix approved installers, or per manufacturer’s recommendations, the product should be virtually maintenance free.

Occasionally, leaves may fall on the track or birds might drop debris on the track in an attempt to build a nest, a monthly service contract is recommended to remove any debris and check connection of system to prevent system from becoming inoperable.

If a solar power charge unit is used, this should be inspected regularly to ensure the solar panel is clear and clean to run at peak efficiency.

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