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It's World Pest Awareness Day

Monday 06/06/2022

For World Pest Day PestFix have decided to highlight the most common question we get over the phone

Pest Control, or as the industry would be better named as Pest Management, is more than just find a pest, kill a pest.

All the team here at PestFix are trained to professional pest management standards so we can offer effective advice to both the public and to the professionals.

What is the strongest poison? This is probably the most asked question we get, and our answer? There is no such thing as 'the strongest poison'.

When is comes to dealing with a rodent infestation there are so many factors that need to be established before you even think about getting any pesticide.
These include:

  • How do you know what species you are dealing with?

  • What evidence do you have to support your identification?

  • Where is the problem?

  • What is your geographical location?

  • Where are the pests coming from?

  • What are they sustaining themselves on?

  • How many pests are there?

  • How have you worked out how many there are?

  • How big are your premises?

  • When did you last see activity?

  • What environment surrounds your premises?

  • What have you done to prevent pest access?

  • How clean is your environment?

  • How many people are at the premises?

  • Is there access to the premises by the public, children, pets?

  • Who owns the property and grounds?

  • What non target species are in the area?

  • What actions have you taken to deal with the problem so far?

  • What impact has any of your actions had?

  • Have you had any pest training?

  • Have you engaged the services or advice of a professional pest controller?

  • Have you thought about the risks and hazards of the pest problem?

  • Have you thought about the risks and hazards involved in any pest management action

  • Have you taken measures to prevent infestations from reoccurring?

  • Have you used non pesticide methods to control the infestation?

  • What time of year is it?

  • Have you had this pest issue before?

And more questions will lead on from these

Picking a pesticide and hoping it will work is a good as a chocolate teapot. PestFix are here to support both the public and professionals so that an effective pest management plan is in place. From a tiny house mouse, to swarms of flies in the attic, to a food production factory with nesting birds.

Having a rounded plan of attack will mean you aren't wasting money on ineffective products, risking your health and the environment with needless pesticides or failing to stop the pest problem.

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