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The top methods to deal with flies in the home

Monday 05/06/2023

There are thousands of species of flying insects, some of which are best treated by a pest controller. If you suspect an infestation you can find a local and audited pest professional by visiting Find A Pest Controller

Let’s work through the best fly control methods:


Whether it be fruit flies or blue bottles, having food and waste out is an open invitation for a meal or a breeding site. If you have a compost caddy, avoid using it over the summer and take the time to put organic matter directly into your garden compost.

PROs: You don’t need to purchase any products.

CONs: Cleanliness will only go so far in preventing unwanted flies

No Entry.

Use fly screen mesh to allow air in but keep flies out. Fly Screen

PROs: Once in place you are protected from unwanted flying insects all year round.

CONs: Finding the best way to affix mesh can be fiddly work.

UV Light traps

A non toxic method to capture and kill flying insects that end up indoors. The UVa light attracts a fly to the device which contains a sticky board inside which captures the flies. LED Fly Traps

PROs: Once purchased this unit should last 3 years before you need to replace bulbs. Glue boards are easily replaced when they get full.

CONs: These units are an investment, so the initial cost is higher than other short term options.

Fly traps with lure. The InsectFix fly bag captures thousands of flies and is also eco friendly. InsectFix Fly Bags

PROs: These last for up to 12 weeks and are a cheap non toxic method.

CONs: Fly lure inside has a bit of a funky smell so you want to use these at the end of your garden.

Smoke Bombs / Total Release Aerosol.

These are a knockdown solution so they will kill every flying and crawling insect without any long lasting effects.

Insecto Smoke Bombs

PROs: These kill all bugs quickly and are a low cost solution.

CONs: You need to ensure all people and animals are out of the building when active and you need to allow for ventilation time afterwards before returning.

Non toxic target killer.

For when you only have a couple of flies in your home or any other bug for that matter. OA2Ki Spray

PROs: Non toxic, pet safe and work fast.

CONs: Will only treat a small number of insects that you have to directly spray product onto.

Long lasting pesticides.

For recurrent problems you can use a residual insecticide, Insectaclear Strong

PROs: Continues to work after you have applied it and works on all pest insects.

CONs: You are reliant on flying insects to land on the surface for the active ingredient to work.

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